A heartwarming story:

Chana was diagnosed with a brain tumor, R"L. She is just 14 years old and battling this terrible illness. We set out to bring her happiness and joy. Yesterday we made a private concert for her in her home with the Jewish Superstar Avraham Fried. We gifted Chana an iPad to keep her mind occupied during these difficult times. 

Avraham Fried, Mekimi entertainers, and a keyboard musician volunteered their time and talent to bring joy to Chana and her family. Thank you! 

May Chana be blessed with a speedy recovery.

At Toys for Hospitalized Children, we bring happiness and healing to precious angels just like Chana.

Thank you for your support!


Partners @ Toys For Hospitalized Children

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As we approach the Jewish New Year of Rosh Hashana, I share with you a few of our highlights and successes over the past year. We are blessed to have brought smiles and healing to 20,000 precious children in hospitals, institutions, and special needs facilities. All the fantastic work we accomplish is a team effort; thank you for your support, help, and assistance!

After the heartbreaking Parkland School shooting in Florida, we gifted iPads - to bring hope, encouragement, and healing - to the teenage victims of the attack.

Recently, during the crisis of Immigrant Children in McAllen, Texas, we sent clothing and toys to offer hope and comfort to children separated from their families.

Our latest project is providing toys in ambulances to give to children while transporting them to the hospital. Both paramedics and parents expressed that the toy had a wonderful and positive impact on the child during this traumatic experience. 

I wish you a happy and healthy sweet New Year. May this coming year bring peace, health, and abundant success for you and your loved ones!


JJ Hecht II

Executive Director

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Partnering with Senator Ray Lesniak of the Lesniak Institute of American Leadership, and Susan Bass Levin of the Cooper Foundation to bring smiles to little angels at the Cooper University Hospital in Camden, NJ.

Above Photo: Rabbi JJ Hecht II, Senator Ray Lesniak, Susan Bass Levin of the Cooper Foundation, Toys or Hospitalized Children Volunteers, and Hospital Staff.

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