As told by a hospital administrator:

You just visited an 18-month-old girl unconscious in the ICU and gifted her a doll. The girl, who was previously unresponsive when awake, woke up and played with the doll you left for her. Her mom uses the doll accessories to work to improve her daughter’s motor skills and keep her active. They are incredibly grateful for your visit and gift!

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My name is Olivia, and I am almost 6 years old. I traveled far away from my home to a hospital in New York to have my sixth brain surgery. My parents especially my mom, work tirelessly to keep me safe, healthy, and happy. Before my 5th surgery, mom reached out to an organization called Toys for Hospitalized Children. They sent me my favorite toys, including arts and crafts and LOL Surprise. During my looooong hospital stay, I played with my new toys, which made me happy. My 6th surgery happened during coronavirus, and my mom knew just who to call. Lilly, the toy distributor, thought Disney Plus would be great entertainment for me on my travels to New York. I love watching Frozen and Disney movies. It made me so happy! When I arrived in NY, I had a super surprise. There was a gift box waiting for me, with Barbie, Paw patrol, and coloring supplies! My mom says, Toys for Hospitalized Children has a slogan, HAPPY KIDS HEAL FASTER! I agree!

Please note: To protect Olivia's privacy we will not be sharing a photo. Below are photos of other smiling children we helped.

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Updated: Jun 16

Click here to watch video clip.

A group of young volunteers paint “The Rock”, the iconic structure situated between Washtenaw Avenue and Hill Street in Ann Arbor, MI.

Armed with purple paint and brushes, these kids were on a mission. To spread awareness of an organization bringing happiness and healing to kids suffering from illness. Toys for Hospitalized Children is based out of New York and serves children throughout the U.S. regardless of race, ethnicity, or background.

Amidst upbeat music and contagious laughter, the volunteers were eager to get started. Cheers of victory floated as the kids stepped back to admire their masterpiece, a rock designed in purple and orange bearing the organization’s logo.

“I love toys!” said 7-year-old Aaron. “Kids in the hospital are sad and would feel better if they got a new toy.”

“That’s why we painted the rock,” Rikki chimed in, “so people check out the website and see how simple it is to make a sick kid happy”.

A toy to a sick child is much more than just a gift; it’s a gesture of love. It uplifts a precious child’s spirits and boosts morale. Many studies have proven how positivity can trigger self-healing superpowers that manifest physiologically in the body. HAPPY KIDS HEAL FASTER!

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