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Why do we do what we do at Toys for Hospitalized Children? Please watch our story.

Because - Happy Kids Heal Faster!

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The “King of all Fun” is now the “Angel of Healing” for the children at Laniado Hospital. The legendary Mr. Stewart Rahr helped us build a BEAUTIFUL state-of-the-art pediatric playroom for hospitalized children in Netanya, Israel.

The project we’ve all been waiting for is finally complete. Welcome to our Stewie Rah Rah Peditaric Playroom! The smiles on the children’s faces say it ALL! Toys for Simcha’s newly constructed playroom is a magnificent oasis for hospitalized children to play and heal amidst the difficulties of their illness. Because - Happy Kids Heal Faster!

Wishing the children at Laniado Hospital much happiness and healing. We can’t wait to see more smiles on their faces! 💜🧡

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Mrs. Goldstein, a volunteer from Ann Arbor Michigan, visited the Motts Children's Hospital and told us the following:


"…a nurse from another floor asked me for a Hello Kitty activity book for one of her patients. Towards the end of our stay, the nurse called our floor and said "the little girl was so happy with her gift that she immediately grabbed the marker and started coloring. Everyone was floored! This girl had injured her right arm and, until then, had not been responding to physical therapy!"

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