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Over a year ago, we connected with Saul Klein, whose daughter, Rayna, was battling bone cancer. We sent her numerous care packages and visited the little girl's hospital room dozens of times throughout her illness. We surprised Rayna with a birthday trip to the American Girl Experience, arranged for a skilled magician to pay her a home visit, and offered much-needed support and encouragement to Rayna, her little sister, and her widower father, Saul.

After her recovery, Saul and I discussed how difficult it had been to navigate the ins-and-outs of the hospital system. We decided to write an op-ed offering tips and moral support for other families going through similar experiences with their child.

I am proud to share that the op-ed was published in the May 10, 2023 issue of the Ami Living Magazine, an international publication with tens of thousands of subscribers!

Attached is a PDF of the printed article. Since its publishing, our inbox has been full! We've received dozens of grateful messages from very appreciative readers, thanking us for our critical advice and the work we do. Please give it a read! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did :)

My Year of Living in Hospitals
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Caroline is a sweet and brave 8-year old girl from Cleveland. She just underwent her 8th and LAST brain surgery! We are so proud of Caroline and everything she’s been through.

In plans for her 6th surgery back in 2020, Caroline had to take a car ride to NYC because she didn’t want to expose herself to Covid-19 on the airplane. The drive was going to be very long and not something Caroline was looking forward to, but she was surprised with a special gift right before her trip - Disney Plus! Caroline’s drive ended up being a blast, with lots of laughter and all of her favorite characters on the screen in front of her. After her surgery, Caroline was amazed once again upon seeing a whole collection of the most trendy toys waiting for her in the recovery room. Caroline felt truly loved and supported by the Toys for Hospitalized Children™ community.

This month, volunteer Nataly Wittels visited Caroline upon finishing her last and final brain surgery. Caroline is a brave girl, and we wanted to gift her something that she would remember forever. Caroline was beaming with joy as she received her new American Girl Doll, chosen especially for her! Because, #HappyKidsHealFaster 😄

Enjoy your Doll, Caroline!

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Toys for Hospitalized Children is excited to announce that we received a large order for bringing joy to children by the Make it Real Foun

dation! Make it Real is a craft kit organization with the mission to “bring creativity to life,” and they have generously donated thousands of toys to ToysHC. With tons of colorful collections, ranging from jewelry and beauty items to a specialized product from Disney, Make it Real has added wonderful gifts to keep children busy and entertain

ed as they recover in the hospital.

Whether a child wants to spend their down-time styling chains and charms, painting their nails with Glitter Dream, or writing their dreams in the Glitter Journal, one thing is for sure: playing with Make it Real products is a real highlight of the day. These toys will ignite creativity and inspire imagination in all who play. We are so thankful for their contributions, and we cannot wait to distribute these great products to children as they get better.

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Mrs. Goldstein, a volunteer from Ann Arbor Michigan, visited the Motts Children's Hospital and told us the following:


"…a nurse from another floor asked me for a Hello Kitty activity book for one of her patients. Towards the end of our stay, the nurse called our floor and said "the little girl was so happy with her gift that she immediately grabbed the marker and started coloring. Everyone was floored! This girl had injured her right arm and, until then, had not been responding to physical therapy!"

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