Our Mission

Our mission at Toys for Hospitalized Children is to bring happiness and healing to children suffering from illness. 


We gift toys accompanied by hope and encouragement to assist children and teens enduring some of the most difficult challenges of their lives.

Because - Happy Kids Heal Faster!

Why A Toy?

To a sick child, a toy is much more than just a gift—it’s a gesture of love. It uplifts fragile spirits and boosts morale. Studies show that positivity can trigger self-healing superpowers. Happy kids heal faster!

About Us

Toys for Hospitalized Children brings happiness and healing to children suffering from illness. This brilliant yet simple campaign transforms a scary time to one of hope. A child’s outlook changes as they realize that others care for them and hope for their speedy recovery.

Every smile is a blessing!


Our Team

Board of Directors

Neil H. Kupferman, Esq.

Dr. Steven Rubel

Abe Podolsky

Senator George Amedore Jr.

Young Leadership Board

Berel Rapoport

Young Leadership Board

Bim Zahavi

Young Leadership Board

Sruli Anatian

Young Leadership Board

Ally Wittels



Rabbi JJ Hecht ll

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Director of Distribution

Mrs. Baila Hecht


Lilly Vogel


Yehuda Hurwitz

VP of Logistics

Adam ​Rodriguez

Musical Director

Moish Wilshanski

Child Life Ambassador

Marcia D Graham, MA, CC LS

Director of HR

Rachel Shemtov

Advisory Board

Dr. Rabbi Hank Sheinkopf

Sheinkopf Communications

Dr. Stanley Sherbell

Pulmonologist in NY

Rabbi Shlomo Abramowitz

Orphans Poor & Sick Fund

Program Co-Chairpersons

Donny Baitner

Michelle Domb

Sholom Jacobs

Dr. Jay Weiss

Dr. Lynn Weiss

Shmuel Raskin

Rabbi Jacob J. Hecht O.B.M.

Our History

In 1953, Rabbi Hecht visited a Jewish boy in the hospital. He noticed a Nun giving toys to the Christian children and skipping all the non-Christian children. Seeing the sadness in the boy’s eyes, he ran to the nearest toy store and bought a big red firetruck. He came back and presented the gift to the boy. The boy smiled from ear to ear, and Rabbi Hecht knew he did the right thing. Immediately he decided to create Toys for Hospitalized Children, a non-denominational charity to bring happiness and healing to all sick children no matter their race, religion, ethnicity, background, or social standing.