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Eprine’s New Partnership: Toys for Hospitalized Children

Toys for Hospitalized Children is proud to announce a new partnership with Eprine

Community Services, a premier, licensed healthcare agency that assists individuals with developmental needs. Its staff members work one-on-one with children and adults across the tri-state area who request mental and behavioral health services. Eprine is a pillar of the healthcare field throughout its various locations, with its main office located in Brownsville,


During the holiday season, Eprine held a toy drive and donated dozens of toys, gifts, and iPads to sick children in partnership with Toys for Hospitalized Children. These combined efforts helped bring joy to adolescents in need. With donations coming from the organization’s staff, as well as friends, neighbors, and family, Eprine was a significant supporter of Toys for Hospitalized Children during the 2022 holiday season: bringing happiness and healing to sick children spending Hanukkah and Christmas in the hospital. Eprine’s Public Relations Specialist, Mr. Jeremy Elmkies, personally hand delivered all of Eprine’s goods to begin a dialogue between the two non-profits.

“We’re delighted to be working with Jeremy and the team at Eprine. Both our organizations are dedicated to helping those in need, especially people with health challenges, so this partnership is a natural fit,” said JJ Hecht, President of Toys for Hospitalized Children.

This week, Mr. Elmkies will represent Eprine and join our team of volunteers at Mount Sinai Beth Israel hospital, located in lower Manhattan. Together we will distribute toys to the young patients, caring for their well-being above all else. Happy Kids Heal Faster!

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