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Glitter Dream

Toys for Hospitalized Children is excited to announce that we received a large order for bringing joy to children by the Make it Real Foun

dation! Make it Real is a craft kit organization with the mission to “bring creativity to life,” and they have generously donated thousands of toys to ToysHC. With tons of colorful collections, ranging from jewelry and beauty items to a specialized product from Disney, Make it Real has added wonderful gifts to keep children busy and entertain

ed as they recover in the hospital.

Whether a child wants to spend their down-time styling chains and charms, painting their nails with Glitter Dream, or writing their dreams in the Glitter Journal, one thing is for sure: playing with Make it Real products is a real highlight of the day. These toys will ignite creativity and inspire imagination in all who play. We are so thankful for their contributions, and we cannot wait to distribute these great products to children as they get better.

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