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5-year-old Michael's hand got caught in a door. He was rushed to Beth Israel Medical Center. We were in the Pediatric ER to greet him with a Playmobil and a smile. 

His hand was deeply cut, and needed internal and external stitching. Our guitarist MOISH stood near his bed during the 45 minute procedure, playing music, singing and interacting with Michael. (picture below)

Instead of Michael crying, he was smiling and laughing!!! It was heartwarming to witness.

Happy Kids Truly Heal Faster!

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The teenage demographic in hospitals is sadly overlooked. To fill in this void we began 'Tablets for Teens', a program targeted to bring happiness and healing to teens suffering from long term illness such as cancer, trauma, or chronic illness. We launched this program in 2019 with wonderful success. 

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NCFJE volunteers handed out VR Goggles to divert children's attention away from the discomfort of medical procedures. Doctors called them game-changers.

By COLlive reporter

Toys for Simcha, a special project of Toys for Hospitalized Children, was launched last month with a visit to the Emek Medical Center in Afula, Israel, the largest hospital in the region.

Volunteers arrived at Emek Medical Center bringing toys and gifts for the young patients as is done with hospitals and medical centers in the New York area.

In what was praised as a “game-changer,” Toys for Simcha presented the hospital with 25 pairs of virtual reality goggles, a head-worn apparatus that completely covers the eyes for an immersive 3D experience.

The VR Goggles, which divert children’s attention away from the discomfort of medical procedures, were welcomed by the medical staff and will be deployed during scheduled treatment.

Toys for Simcha is a special project of Toys for Hospitalized Children, an affiliate of the NCFJE spearheaded by Rabbi Jacob J. Hecht OBM in the 1950s. Toys for Simcha was launched with grants from “The King of Fun,” Mr. Stewart Rahr, Mr. Asher Zamir, and Mr. Abe Podolsky.

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